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Quality windows and doors do more than add beauty to your home. They provide value, security and peace of mind. At Dependable Shutter & Glass, we offer a full range of high quality windows and doors from the nation’s leading manufacturers

Impact and Non-Impact Glass Products are found in many of the most beautiful and prestigious residential homes and commercial structures. A wide variety of design options are available to enhance the style, beauty and comfort of your home.

More than just hurricane protection, our impact glass product lines provide 24/7 protection for you and your family against intruders, eliminates unwanted noise, protects interior furnishings from fading due to ultraviolet light, and will help you save on energy and insurance costs throughout the year.

Benefits of impact glass

    Effortless Protection — Once installed, you will have 24/7 protection against flying debris.

    Meets or Exceeds the Highest Standards — Our aluminum frames meet Dade County and Florida State Product approvals for air, water, structure and both small and large missile impact protection.

    Added Security — Help guard your house from intruders while you are away by installing this invisible product. Intruders will NOT be able to penetrate the glass.

    Easy to Handle — You no longer have to worry about putting up, taking down, or storing shutters.

    UV Protection — Our impact glass helps filter out 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

    Virtually Invisible — Impact glass is virtually invisible and will not affect the style of your home. The only thing that can be seen is the heavy-duty aluminum frame that surrounds the window, which looks identical to other common window frames.

    Noise Reduction — Dramatically reduce the level of exterior noises.

    Fits Every Home — Our window products can be custom-made to order and sized to fit your project perfectly with options that perform for your needs.

    Visibility During a Storm — Our impact-resistant windows provide visibility during storms and won’t darken the home. Instead, they create a more comfortable environment during inclement weather.

    Insurance Premium Savings — Many insurers now offer significant savings of as much as 42% on the wind premium of your homeowner’s insurance policy with an impact window product installation. Check with your insurance broker for details.

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