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Maintenance / Services

Professional Shutter, Window and Door Installation

We provide complete professional shutter installation services. Long recognized for outstanding service, delivery and quality work, when you hire Dependable Shutter & Glass, you’re getting more than an installed shutter, window film, window or door. You’re getting more than four decades of experience, reliability and craftsmanship. All work is guaranteed.

Shutter Modification

We convert or modify your existing shutters, manual or electric, to any style you prefer — without the cost of replacing the entire shutter system. In most cases, customers come to us to make large cumbersome shutter systems easier to handle.

Smaller modifications can also be made to simplify operations and save you money. For instance, we can convert a manual Roll-Down Shutter drive mechanism to an electric motor operation. Additionally, we can perform other types of conversions — including a strap-box to a gear operation, which eliminates periodic strap-box replacement costs.

Manual-to-Electric Shutter Conversion

Dependable Shutter & Glass uses SOMFY™ and ALERO motors — both of which carry a 3-year replacement motor warranty for all new installations and replacements. We can upgrade your existing manual-style Roll-Down Shutter to a convenient, electric motor operation.

Shutter Repair

We repair all makes and models of shutters and electric shutter motors. Just give us a call and we will promptly dispatch our experienced technicians to your location to restore your serviceable shutter to working condition.

Shutter Lubrication

By lubricating the tracks, wheels, locking rods and thumbscrews and exercising the shutters, we ensure proper operations of your shutters when you need them most. You also prevent excessive corrosion and extend the shutters lifespan.

This service is available upon request, or it can be scheduled on a semi-annual or annual basis. When performed each season, proper maintenance provides the peace of mind that your shutters will be in working order should a storm strike.

Shutters Restoration

Oftentimes, your existing shutter can be restored to serviceable condition without the cost of an entire replacement. In addition, non-working electric motors can be replaced with a new motor.

General Warranty

All storm shutters products are fully covered by a limited warranty for varying times. A simple guide is all Aluminum shutter parts are warranted for 10 years from date of purchase. The manufacturer’s warranty on motors covers parts and labor for two years, and a complete motor replacement through the third year.

If you have shutters that need repair, we have a highly trained Service & Repair Department prepared to serve you. If your shutters require extensive repair, we may be able to remove them first, then refurbish them and finally reinstall them in proper working order at a cost much less than having them replaced.

The warranty does not apply to parts that are subjected to misuse, neglect, damage by fire or act of God or by any other form of casualty, including failure to follow instructions for care and maintenance. As a full-service organization, Dependable Shutter & Glass stands behind the quality of our products and services.

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